Friday, October 25, 2013

My Autumn Tablescape

I've been getting a bit more into the "Autumn" spirit lately, mostly because of the change in weather and also because of the colorful turning of the trees outside. In my last post, I shared some outside decor that I recently added to my porch and garden areas. Today, I will be showing you how I've been decorating inside my house

In our small lake house, the dining area is centralized to the rest of the house. The kitchen and 4-season porch are to one side, while the living area and hallway to the bedrooms, bathroom, and the garage are on the other side. We pass through this room several times a day and use it for meals, as well as entertaining.

I have shared several posts of different tablesettings and decorating ideas in my dining room. In fact, you may find that some pictures look a bit familiar, since several of the pieces in them I used last fall. The leaf-inlaid, word-inscribed plates were a sweet find last year at WalMart. The large, orange-rimmed plates underneath them were purchased at Dollar Tree.
 My centerpiece is part of a family tradition. My mom has displayed Horn-of-plenty(or cornucopia) since I was a young girl. The wicker horn is a hand-me-down of my mother's. The different fruits, vegetables, and pumpkins were items I purchased. The little Indian figurines were another purchase from Dollar Tree several years ago.
On this table, I displayed 2 different drinking glasses. The leaf-covered goblets can be used to serve ice tea, juice, or wine. The colorfully inscribed water glasses were a perfect match with my plates. They have words printed on them, like "family", "friends", "laughter", "hugs", and "Home is where the heart is."
 It's a chilly, but very sunny day, here in Indiana. The bright sun coming through the window brings out the bright oranges and yellows on my table.
Also glowing in the bright sunlight are some fall window display items. A little barn display has a sign that says, "Our Happy Fall Fest Nest."
I also have my long-standing stacked word sign that I got as a Mother's Day Gift from my son a few years ago. I love it SO much! The owl plate was another Walmart item I found just a few weeks ago and couldn't pass up...I think I may be starting a new collection - owls. I love them!!
Here's a unique view from above the table.
The striped cloth napkins are some I've had a few years. The napkin rings are just silk flowers wrapped around them. Leaf-shaped placemats add to the fall theme.
I also set some leaf and flower design decorative dishes around the table, like the one below.
On the side wall of the room is an (at least) 100 year old cupboard my hubby and I totally restored several years ago. When we got it, there were several layers of different colors of paint on it, that were flaking off in some places. Everything on it is origianl, except for the roll-up tamber door, which had several missing pieces and was cracked.
I also decorated the little countertop with a brilliant-colored table runner and several of my favorite fall pieces.
Another leaf-shaped bowl, along with a pumpkin napkin holder are displayed here.
I'm a big candle lover and enjoy the scent of my Yankee candle in it's holder. The tin owl is an antque my hubby found at a garage sale years ago. I display my battery-operated tea candle in it.
 My black plate holder was another garage sale find. It holds my white ironstone plates, pumpkin teapot, and Canada mapleleaf teacup and saucer.(ready for my morning tea)
Thanks for coming along for my dining room tour today!
May the spirit of the season warm your heart and....
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

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  1. So inviting! Your fall decorations make me want to run right over and share some gingerbread and a cup of tea! Your antique kitchen cupboard is simply beautiful! I love it! You and your husband did a great job restoring it. Your owls are cute, too. When I was a kid, we were visiting my aunt who lived in Michigan. She collected owls and one day (I must have been bugging her or something) she challenged me to count all the owls in her house! I think I got to a couple hundred, but it sure kept me busy all afternoon! lol She was a smart lady!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Oh, my!!! LOL! Your owl story is SO funny, Joan! I don't think I'll collect "that" many owls!! Usually my collections constitute about 30-40 items, then I get tired of collecting the item and start on something else. You are ALWAYS welcome to stop here for some tea and a snack, if you ever come this way, that is! :) Maybe you will visit your aunt in Michigan sometime....we live about an hour from the MI/IN state line. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Ann,
    Your setting is beautiful. and the way the sunlight hits your table is so warming..Your whole dining room looks like autumn and that makes me smile...
    Great job and thanks for visiting me....
    Love, Mona

  3. Beautiful tablescape, Ann. Love those dishes and glassware - the cabinet looks beautifully decorated. I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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