About Me and My Cottage Life

Hi! Welcome to Cairn Cottage! Here, I share all about lake life ~ along with the things I like to read about, dream about, and sometimes create.

I am a 50-something yr. old wife, mom, and grandma.  The hubby and I live in a cottage on a lake in the Midwest, USA. Now, you may be thinking that we named our little cottage(and my blog) after the Cairn terrier, but we own Chihuahuas, not Cairns.  The name, "Cairn Cottage" comes from my hubby's love for rocks, of which he collects. Not the pretty little pebbles you find along the road, either. BIG rocks. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic word ca'rn, a term used mainly for a man-made pile (or stack) of stones.(source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cairn) It just seemed appropriate, since we have landscaped with many of the rocks my hubby has collected over the years.

We have been on a continual journey, as we renovate, decorate, and make this little piece of paradise our very own! Won't you join me as I share this journey in my life? God has provided in so many ways! 

Cairn Cottage

The front (lakeside) yard area
Some of the rocks landscaped on our property *click on pics to see posts
Our raised garden, lined with rocks.
Our water garden area

Our biggest rock, located by the pier 

About Me:

I love how a sister-blogger, Rita Joy at Harbour Breeze, shared her "about me" page
 and am following her style.

~A Bit of History~

The Growing Up Years…
  • I grew up in the house my parents built when they got married in a small Indiana town, just 20 miles from where I live now. 
  • I was the third of 4 children - 2 older brothers and one younger sister. As a 'middle child' I was quiet and considered the 'good' child, who never got into trouble or caused my parents any problems.
  • My mother was a hair stylist. She ran her own beauty shop, located in a room behind our garage. I remember growing up with the smell of permanent, which would filter through the house. 
  • My dad owned and ran his own furniture store in town. One of my first paid jobs was dusting all that furniture and sweeping the floors! (Not an easy job!)
The College/Single Years…
  • I attended a small Christian college in the same town that I now live, where I majored in Psychology.
  • After graduating college, I spent a year in Ohio in short-term missions, working with deaf and hearing impaired children.
  • I met my hubby through a newspaper single's column. It wasn't love at first sight...we dated on and off for 3 years before marrying. We recently celebrated our 28th anniversary.
The Exhausted Mom years…
  • Upon marrying, I instantly became a "step-mom" to a 10-yr. old girl and 8-yr. old boy.
  • After 5 years of marriage and many trials in trying to conceive, I gave birth to a son, Tyler Dallas!!
  • Just when my little boy was heading off to preschool (age 4), my oldest made me a grandmother, followed by a wedding and 2 more little grands. 
  • Our family experienced the greatest loss of our lives in 1996, when my 18 y.o. stepson died in a tragic car accident.
  • My hubby and I officially became empty-nesters a few years ago, when our son moved 4 hours away to attend college. 

The Blogging Years…
  • I officially started blogging in November of 2011, over at my first blogpage, "Christ in Clouds", which I still blog on regularly. Check it out HERE.
  • I started my blog "Cairn Cottage" back in 2012, when we decided to downsize and began our search for a house on a lake. We officially made the move in August of that same year, and we never looked back.
  •  When we're not remodeling our small 1930's cottage, we love gardening, fishing, antique shopping, and just relaxing in our little piece of paradise!!
  • I'm definitely a dreamer and a creative soul. I have a wide variety of interests and hope to share many of them in this blog.(Check out my sidebar to see just a few.) I also try to have a positive outlook on things and hopefully that shines through. 

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb


  1. You have the CUTEST place! I lived in England about an hour from the Scottish border for a total of 3 years of my life, so I'm very familiar with cairns. We often used the term to indicate the piles of stones people placed at the top of fells (mountains) in northern England. Each hiker would place a new stone on the cairn to build it up, until eventually you could have a very large pile of rocks! They came in handy when the wind was whipping ferociously as it so often does in those parts. You just get behind the cairn and let it block the wind for you. :)

  2. A cottage on a lake is something we dream about for retirement. It's fun to see that someone is living that dream! We have cairns (piles of rocks placed by hikers as April described above) on our New Hampshire mountains too.


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