Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brunch and Tea With Friends

Hello, all!
Well, August is almost over, but I got the chance to fit in a special brunch with my girlfriends.

(The centerpieces in the picture above and below are different...I bought some beautiful carnations that I split and gave to each of my girlfriends as a parting gift. After the flowers were gone, I wanted to take more pictures, so I used my seashell bowl as the centerpiece.)
  My friends and me, ready to have brunch.
My plates were a Carlton Varney Design, called "Rosalynn."

 I used a variety of mismatched teacups and saucers.
This floral cup was a Royal Albert "Moss Rose" design, while the saucer was an England made "Crownford"
 My rose design cup and saucer came as a pair, but have no printing or stickers on the bottom.
 My newest find -  This 'Canada' teacup and saucer.
When I saw it, I had to have it, as it reminded me of my Canadian heritage. (My grandfather was born and raised in Montreal) 
 Another close-up view brings out the detailed artwork.
Maple leaves and the Canadian flag surround the outside of the cup. A touch of gold adds to beauty of the filigree handle and base.
 The saucer has a wavy edging and is decorated with more maple leaves.
Just a few maple leaves are also on the inside of the cup.
 Royal Albert: Canada
From Sea to Sea
The teapot I used is one I've had for many years. A small tag on the bottom says "Mugsroyale, Handcrafted in Japan"
 I offered 2 kinds of tea, both made by Lipton.
Black Pearl and White Peach Mango Tea.
 The menu included
 Fresh fruit salad
Zucchini bread (made and brought by my friend, P.) 
 Also on the menu: Mini Quiches
 Here's to good food, tea, and friendship!!

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

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Friday, August 23, 2013

What's In My Closet: Late Summer Style

The weather in Indiana is still quite warm. Actually, August is usually the warmest month of the year. This year has been a little out of the ordinary, though. It started off with some cooler weather, and now we are back up into the 80's. By the weekend it could get as high as 86 degrees. Knowing what to wear can be a challenge. One day I'm in long/cropped pants, and the next I'm in shorts. Varity is key. 
So, I thought I'd share a few new outfits that I picked up. . .one was to wear to a wedding I attended. The other was picked up at a summer sale rack. (I love these kind of sales, since the weather is still good to wear what I buy there!)
  But first, I am sharing a favorite outfit I already had in my closet from last year.
 This white lace tunic has an attached camisole, which under-lays the lace. My tangerine cropped jeans are one of my favorites...very comfortable and stylish! To coordinate, top to bottom, I wore my hair in a side braid with a white band/flower combo. On my feet were orange sandals puchased last year on sale at Urban Outfitters.
 The multi-colored belt is a newer piece that I decided to buy, to add some color to the white tunic. A couple bracelets (made of rope and shells) accessorize the outfit.
 My jeweled necklace continues to add color, as well.

 Outfit number 2 was attire I purchased to wear to my nephew's wedding. The green cap-sleeved top matches the small stripes in the navy maxi-skirt.
 A silver chained belt wraps around my waist to add dimension.
 A navy jeweled silver plated neclace ties in the blue and green combination throughout.
 My light green sandals also go well with this semi-casual outfit.
 Here is a picture of me, prior to the wedding. I love how comfortable I felt the whole day in this skirt and top!

My last outfit was an "end of summer" purchase from the 50% off rack at Meijer. The knee-length jean shorts are perfect for hanging out on my sunporch. I just love looking at all the different shells I've collected over the years! My white canvas deck shoes(that I've had forever, it seems) keep my feet covered, just in case I decide to go out on the pier, or better yet for a boat ride.


 My outfit already had a bit of a nautical look to it, so I decided to make a braided rope belt to continue the theme(just for fun).
 Three studded stars adds a touch of style to this striped navy top. My necklace is one I've had many years. It is also silver, with a tint of light blue color in the small balled pieces in throughout.
I think I hear the ocean calling (or maybe just the lake, today). Guess I'll catch you later!

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something A Bit Fishy Around My House

I am SO excited to be sharing some things that I have been up to, lately!
I guess you could say some of it is a bit "fishy"...but definitely in a good way.

First I want to tell you about a great little place, called Emiley's Haute Cottage, that just opened in my neighboring city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. (If you live nearby and, like me, love antiques and re-purposed old items, your'll fall in love with this place). My hubby and I attended the open house....

But most exciting for me was the Vintage Market going on there today, too! 
 "Why?", you may ask.

Because, I FINALLY got to meet one of my favorite bloggy friends, Cindy of  Cottage Instincts.   I had been wanting to meet her a number of times, but it always seemed that we would just miss each other. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to meet someone I met through blogging. And I'll have to say, she is just as I had expected - an awesome and talented gal! She paints and sells old furniture and does an amazing job! Check out some of her work over at Serendipity House! She also sells homemade soaps, that were available at the market, too!
Cindy and I finally meet!

 Front entrance of Emiley's Haute Cottage, surrounded by some crafty items for sale at the vintage market.

So many unique items for sale.

Inside the shop are lots of pretty things, as well.

 I love the nautical display area! Lots of neat stuff that would go nicely in my lake cottage.
 Upstairs is more furniture, some very unique pieces!
(photo credit: Emiley's Haute Cottage)
(photo credit: Emiley's Haute Cottage) 
This is what the entrance usually looks like (on non-market days).
(photo credit: Emiley's Haute Cottage)

 After visiting the Cottage and Market, I went home and got inspired. I love quilts and one thing I did purchase there was a pretty block quilt. I love putting my quilts on the back of my sofas to display. I thought it went well with my futon on my sunporch. Don't you agree?
 I also got inspired to decorate a corner of the room with all my "fishy" decor.
 I actually purchased this white fish plate at Emiley's Haute Cottage several weeks ago. The silly sign was a gift from my mother. It reveals her sometimes warped sense of humor, especially since she is also a fisherwoman, like myself. The book, "Know Your Fish" identifies different kinds of fish, including pictures and descriptions...great for when we catch the fish we can't identify. The copyright was 1960, but it originally was an article for  the magazine, "Sports Afield".
 The boat art, with hooks was here when we bought the house. The hanging fish, another gift from my mother. And the painted sand dollars were purchased at a bookstore last year.
 Another "new" item I recently purchased was this 2-piece wood sign. I love the artwork and what is written on them. It describes what I love most about my house!
 Fishing poles and a net sit in the corner, waiting for an eager fisherman (or woman) to take them out to the lake.

 What a wonderful weekend I've had. I hope you enjoyed my review of the new little shop and the  
"fishy things around my house."

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tea On My Patio

 “Everybody needs some time to rejuvenate, refresh, recharge, and begin again.” 
~ Revathi Sankaran

Hello, my bloggy friends! Once again, I have no excuse for not posting in awhile, except that it's been very busy for me on the lake this summer. This is my favorite time of the year, so I am outside doing something just about every, swimming, bbq'ing, gardening, or just soaking up the sun!

I haven't sharing a teatime post in quite a while and wanted to share some things I've recently purchased and was gifted with, as well. The weather here has been pretty awesome lately.(It actually got a little chilly during a couple of days this past week.) But, today it's another perfect summer day....great way to start the month of August off!!! 

I decided to have a late morning snack and teatime on my back patio.  The sun was shining and there was a light breeze. I love having tea alfresco!
 The intoxicating smell of my "Sweet Allysum" wafted nearby, as I sat on my small paio, next to my flower-coverd wall.

 Teatime is one of my favorites daily activities! I used one of my newer teapots today (purchased at TJ Maxx).

  I drank my tea from a cup I purchased just recently for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree Store.  The phrase written around the top and bottom of  it says:
"Unwind with your favorite cup of tea - take it easy - chill out - put your feet up - let go"
 For a light snack, I had some of my homemade Apple Crisp, my hubby's favorite! I don't have a written out recipe, as it is one that I have made so often that I don't even use measuring cups or spoons to make it. The secret in this recipe, though, is that I use real maple syrup!!
 As I sat and took in the sights, smells, and tastes, I read from my Bible and opened a new journal book I recently purchased. 
Integrated throughout this journal are verses from the book of Psalms. Below is what is written on the back of the book.
 I also brought out with me a plaque, gifted to me by a friend as a housewarming present last year, soon after we moved into our cottage. I love what it says:
  The potted tomatoes are nearly ripe for picking, as seen in the background of the picture below.
The small handmade Amish quilt I used as a tablecloth was purchased by me several years ago at a flea market. I love old quilts, and have a small collection.
I love gardening, but as I have indicated in earlier posts, our smaller property doesn't allow the space for me to have a big garden. I loved planting sunflowers at my old house. For temporary enjoyment, I pulled my silk sunflowers out of storage and used them as a centerpiece! So bright and cheery!!
Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb