New Dog In the House!

It's taken me several months, but I'm finally getting around to introducing you all to our newest four-legged  family member,
When she first joined our family, she was so shy, we named her "Cheyenne".
She wouldn't leave my side for any amount of time.
Daddy, getting aquainted with our young family member!

Pretty quickly, she started hanging around Jet.
 But, he wasn't too happy about the new dog in the house, yet!

But, as time went on, she grew on him, too.

 Her true personality started to come out. And she wasn't shy anymore. In fact she became a lively and spirited little we gave her the middle name, BEBE, which means: 

"carefree, lively girl that may be a bit mischievious, but really loves nothing more than cuddling on the couch with her owners."

And does she ever get lively! Watch this video of her...

Cheyene loves to go out in the boat with us...

And she always makes sure big brother comes along, too!

They are inseparable!

Even thought there's a new dog in the house, we will never forget our beloved girl

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