Saturday, October 12, 2013

Make Your Own Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Since moving to the lake, I often find myself drawn to beachy and nautical decor. One thing I've thought that would be really cool to have is an outdoor miniature lighthouse, with a working light. I came across some easy-to-make lighthouses on Pinterest that were actually made out of something I had sitting around in our our summer shed. All I needed: 3 terra cotta pots (in different sizes), different colored spray paints, spray-on clear shellack, large-tipped permanent markers, and one solar garden light.
 I first taped off the rim of each of the pots and spray painted the rest of the outside of the pots white. After letting them dry and removing the tape, I took and taped(covering large areas with newspaper) up to the rim, and spray-painted the top rim black. Once dry, I used a black marker to draw the door and windows. I then sprayed clear shellack over it all to protect it from the outdoor weather. The stake that came with the solar light fit perfectly into the drainage whole, already in the bottom of the pots.
 My finished miniature lighthouse. Below is the view of the light after dark.
 Here is a Youtube tutorial I found that is done a bit differently than how I made mine. This made me chuckle a little, though. No project is ever perfect. And there are always little glitches, when making something new. The gal in this video(and her husband, who filmed it) definitely were down to earth about this fact.

 As I look out on our lake, off the pier, I know soon it will be cold and the snow will be blowing over the frozen water.
If you love all things nautical, maybe you would like to give this outside project a try. All in all, it was fairly easy and inexpensive. If you are really artistic, you may even like to try painting more detail on the lighthouse, like these, I found on Pinterest.
  Do you have a favorite lighthouse? You could easily make a replica with clay pots! See how here:  Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to Make a Clay Pot Lighthouse
  @Shawna Bergene Bergene Killgore   Clay Pot Lighthouse  decoupaged lighthouse out of clay pots


  1. Hi Ann, My husband wants to move to the lake. Somewhere in the Ozarks. Your lighthouse is cute. Have a great week. Thanks for following me at Harvest Lane Cottage.

    1. Hello, Laura! Oooohhh, yes, that would a beautiful place to live! Maybe someday, you will! Blessing to you, new friend!

  2. What an awesome idea! I love it! Now I want to live by a lake so I can make one, too!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Well, close are you from the ocean? LOL! Have a wonderful day!!

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