Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time For Tea To Warm the Soul

Hailing from the Midwest, one would think I would be used to the cold winters. 
<Not so !>

In fact, I'm starting to get that 'ole cabin fever!

Another snowstorm hit our area this week and I'm just trying to find any way possible to warm my body, soul, and spirit! (We're actually now having a small warm front. It's been between 32 & 35 degrees the past 24 hours!) 
  Been also laying low, as my knee has been aching something awful....probably due to the weather conditions.

This is the longest time of the year for me. (I've been hearing from other bloggers who are in the middle of winter weather, that they are feeling the same way. 

So, I got my nice warm slippers, a comfy quilt, and . . .
 a cup of my favorite vanilla chai tea latte (with a little soy milk added)!

 Also am having some cinnamon swirl pound cake(with a little butter and homemade cherry jelly) and "Pecan Sandies" to sweeten things a little! I love Pecan Sandies! I haven't bought them in years. They definitely are "dunking" cookies! Do you like to dunk cookies in your tea, coffee, or a glass of milk? mmmmm!

  Today, I'm pulling out some colorful teaware.  I have a new teapot that I bought recently at T.J. Maxx (yeah, never expected to find a teapot there!)

 I set this little framed Scripture on the table today, too, a gift from a few years back. Isn't it a great reminder?
I'm big on candles, too! A few little tealight candles, with the shades drawn adds a little peacefulness to teatime. (Did you notice there's an extra setting? Wishing you could join me!)

This candle lamp was a birthday gift from a friend. It provides just enough light to read one of my gardening books with!
 I love stained glass! Gorgeous!
It really is a candle holder. See, when I take the shade off?
I think I'll be o.k. with some warm tea and a book to keep me busy and warm.
 How many of you are getting some cold and snowy weather? What are you doing to warm your soul and body?
 More gardening magazines and some colorful silk flowers sit on a table in my living room to brighten things up, at least till we get through the dreary February weather!

Have a sweet and warm day!
Just try to remember, tomorrow it will be March 1st!!! 
Spring's a-comin'!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Renovation: Before and After

The new window shades have arrived! We had to order a special size for our 3 lakeside windows because they were specially ordered windows, too. (Plus, we added a new window to our room, which originally only had 2.) We absolutely LOVE the new shades! They are Bali cordless cellular shades. They cost a bit more than some, but they are so easy to put up/pull down and give the room a warm and cozy feel! My hubby helped me choose one of the hundreds of colors that were available and I'll have to say, he pinned matching the color to our carpet and furniture perfectly!
Below: Finished windows, with shades all the way up. I love how they are practically hidden above the windows!

Before: lakeside wall, new window opening is made.
 Before: Window opening being cut out of the wall
 After: That extra window really opened up the combination living/dining area! The views of the lake are awesome!
Before: The side wall in the living room area had a small window with no view. We decided to take out the window and make more wall space, which was limited in the room.
My hubby, filling in the opening.
After: Our new flat-screen T.V. fit perfectly on our newly paneled wall!

Cellular shades are wonderful! There are lots of options for what you want in your window treatments. We got "light filtering" that lets in sunlight, but still provides privacy, or there are also room darkening blinds. There are different numbers of cells (or honeycombs) which insulate at different levels. You can get them cordless or corded. And there are shades that raise to the top or you can get shades that raise up and/or pull down. (I love how, with just one little push or pull, I can set the shades at any point in the window.)

After: I love the view from our dining room table!

Before: Outside view
After: Outside view

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a warm and enjoyable weekend!

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

All You Need is Love {and Tea}

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

It's that time of year once again where hearts go pitter-patter and love is in the air!!
 Thought I'd start out by playing a great song by the Beatles
"All You Need is Love"

Lots of little things have been turning up in our little cottage by the lake., candy, cards, yummy desserts, and so much more.
So, I knew the best way to bring everything together was a little bit of teatime.
- But first, I wanted to post some photos from last weekend. You see, I surprised my hubby by making him an "early" Valentine's meal. (We are always trying to out-surprise one another every Valentines Day)  I made his favorite main course, Chicken Enchiladas. For dessert, I made his favorite Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting.
I added the little conversation candy hearts for a loving touch.
 The cake must have been a hit, for it is already all gone!

But today, there were lots of sweets that my sweet left for me, before he went to work early this morning.
He knows that one of my favorite kinds of candy is Reeses Peanutbutter Cups. 
 So, I set a romantic table with tea and candy today.
I bought this cute "Micky and Minnie" teapot several years back at Goodwill. Perfect for some tea for two on Valentines Day!
 For my hubby, I got this adorable card. It made me think of how we will be 30 years from now.....
 I also got him a "Love Coupon" book with some romantic/guy things that he would enjoy doing.
 He likes getting me the mushy Valentines cards. This year was no exception. It was very beautiful!
"All you need is tea and love." 
 The mug on the right was a Valentines gift from my hubby last year. I love drinking tea out of you can see, there's always a message waiting for me at the bottom of the cup!

 Our wedding anniversary was January 31st. He had gotten me some flowers.(Photo from Feb. 2)
 A few of the flowers still look pretty good, including the carnations and these burgundy colored daisies.
Well, I hope you have a lovely day.
Since I love music, thought I would post
another sweet love song written by Bob Dylan.
"Crazy Love"
I just had to end with the all-time favorite love song by Elvis Presley
"I can't help falling in Love with you"

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

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