Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"What's in My Closet?" Link-Up Party Update

Hello, all you out there in bloggerland! Happy "hump" day!
Sorry for not blogging in awhile. 
It has been a LONG few weeks.
I had a chest cold and laryngitis - the summer kind, I guess. :I am feeling a lot better today and even have most of my voice back. The heat and humidity (and rain) has been high, here in Indiana, so I decided I would share a couple of my summer outfits

But first, just a little update. 
I decided to wait to continue my "What's in My Closet" Link-up party for now. I need to work on how to better advertise and learn how to better host a link-up party. I had no clue as to what it entailed and think I may have jumped the gun when I started this link-up. I still plan on occasionally sharing with you all some outfit posts, and hopefully, after doing some more "field work", will start it up again. Thanks to all of you who stopped in and either linked up or left a comment! I appreciate each and every one of you! If you still would like to share your outfit posts with me, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and your blog site url. I will definitely stop over and check it out!!

O.K. Onto my outfits.

I love wearing maxi dresses in the summertime! This blue spagetti strap dress came from WalMart, about a year ago.
I love the design and it's made of a light sheer material, with built-in blue backing and slip.
I've had this beaded necklace for many years and don't recall where I got it.
The sandals were a Goodwill purchase. I was fortunate that the colors matched so perfectly with this dress!
Shorts are a summer must, but as I get older, I've become more self-conscientious of my growing thighs. These white knee-length shorts are one of my favorites!
The zigzag multi-colored top and matching tank top both came from WalMart.
One of my greatest summer obsessions are flip-flops! I love wearing them and have one in just about every color available!!! I'm also loving all the different kinds of anklets available. This blue one, with shells, reminds me of the beach!
To accessorize, I added this pastel necklace, made of multi-colored rocks.

My last outfit is one I recently wore to work. It is comfortable and casual, yet just a bit dressy.
Blue stretch pants - JC Penney
Striped Blue top - K-Mart
Scarf - Goodwill
 Shoes - Payless Shoes
The scarf, with it's unique design and matching colors, catch the eye right away!
I love wearing my blue beaded flats! They are really comfortable and stylish!
Last, but not least, is a bracelet that I purchased at Meijer, which just recently opened in our little town! I'm so excited, as I am a BIG Meijer fan!!
Hope you enjoyed my post. Feel free to leave a comment and share your outfit posts, also!!
Have a wonderful week!

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lots of "News" At My Cottage

 Hello everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well!
 What a beautiful weekend we are having, here in Indiana!!
I have been rearranging and adding a few "new" items to my porch decor, as well as primping and adding "new" plants to my garden area. Today, I'm sharing with you some of the "NEWS" I have added.

Cute Beach Decor: 
I LOVE my sun porch! So many windows that brighten the room and that give it that outdoor feel. I have rearranged items on my grandmother's old steamer trunk to make a summer/beach vignette. Some of the items are old, some are new.
 My small, but honest, wood sign says it all!
"Life is Good On The Lake!"
 I loved my display of assorted seashells and stones in the recently purchased blue bowl so much, that I have kept it on display, ever since my post a few months ago (See here)!   
Some old seahell and rock identification books also sit on the corner of the trunk, waiting to be opened. 
 The view out the window behind my display adds to the relaxed and beachy/nautical atmosphere.
 A few new items were also added to my display. 
I found a couple of inexpensive, cute beachy items at our local Dollar General Store recently, like this set of 4 coasters(stored in a cute holder). Perfect for my morning cup of tea.
 I also found this cute beach chair candle holder. 
  Being a bit of a history buff, I also have several photos of our cottage, (built in 1937, as a 1 bedroom summer cottage) displayed in my porch area. I have added just one of those old photos to my vignette.
I really love the colored glass floats that hang in the window behind the trunk.
 Being a flower-lover, I couldn't pass up this potted Asian lily. The color was so breathtaking and added to the beachy feel. They have so many blooms, with more ready to open, very soon!
 I just love all the "news" in my porch display.

Pillow Power:
I think I have a bit of an obsession, too . . . pillows!
 Especially beach/nautical/lake themed pillows!
I keep adding pillows to my blue futon on the porch. If I'm not careful, soon there won't be room to sit down!
 I recently added a couple of "new" pillows to my  assortment.
The blue and white striped pillow was actually a very simple DIY project. I had a white, uncovered pillow that I wanted to spruce up. I found the striped material on sale at WalMart and purchased a couple of yards. Since I am no seamstress, I found this easy no-sew pillow cover Youtube demonstration.  

 I also recently found this small nautical pillow, while shopping area antique/secondhand stores. Embroidered on the front is written, "Heaven is a bit closer in a home by the lake."

           Now, I'm ready for a summer in the sun porch!!

My Garden and Patio 
I also have been enjoying the results of all the spring containter planting I did a month ago. Check out the photos HERE from then and see how they have really grown and bloomed!
My little patio area has a cafe' table and a couple of chairs, ready for a light brunch or teatime. (Maybe, I'll do a future post there.)
 Between the patio and our driveway/garage entrance, there is a park bench, perfect for taking in the beautiful floral surroundings.
 Recently, I planted some potted vegetable plants in my garden patio. Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber have been planted and we await some fresh vegetable for our table.
 In the top right corner of the picture above, are some yellow Gerber Daisies that come up, even potted, every year.
 On the side of the cottage is our small goldfish pond. We had to put a wire cover over the top, as the neighbor's cat loved catching and eating our fish. :-(
 Around front (lakeside) is our other patio. We eventually plan on getting this patio removed and putting pavers in instead. 
For now, though, we still enjoy the view and, just as my little flag indicates, feel like it's "Just another day in paradise."
 My little fairy garden is filling right in with moss and flowers.

Here's hoping you all have been enjoying your weekend, too!
New Outfite Link-Up
Just a little reminder to all of you who enjoy doing outfit posts:
You still have a few days (ends this Tuesday, June 11 at midnight.) if you want to post one or more of your outfit posts at my link-up (What's In My Closet?). They need to be posts from the past month and outfit posts only. I really need to know if this is something I could do regularly or should it just be a one-time link-up? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any ideas on how to get more people interested, let me know.

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb
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