Thursday, February 25, 2016

"I've Got the Blues" Tea Tablesettings

The past few weeks of February have been quite rough for this cottage gal!
Between family issues and unpredictable weather conditions, my inner clock/self have been beyond catty-womper...(it doesn't help that I continue to suffer from peri-menopausal symptoms and have for going on 15 years now. Been to several doctors and they all say I just have to wait it out!)
I have been attempting to keep up with putting out different decor/tablesettings for each season. Now that Valentine's Day is past, I usually bring out some of my favorite blue and white teaware/china. I recently purchased a new teapot and some teacups, so I thought I would share them, as well. Below are a few vignettes and my dining room tablescape with the "BLUE" theme, which goes well with my mood, lately...yes, I've got those winter blues!!

 An old trunk that belonged to my grandmother sits in my 4-season porch. My hubby recently brought home this sad plant that a co-worker almost threw out, in hopes of reviving it. I placed a teapot(a gift from my mother years ago) and a matching cup/saucer I found at a flea market here. They set atop several of my favorite books I like to just flip through when I need a break in my day.

Another porch window view is the backdrop to this vignette. 

Some of my "Holland windmill" themed teawares are on display, as well as the floral teapot that I found at Hobby Lobby years ago. 

 This little milk pitcher fit perfectly on top of my seahorse candleholder...a unique way to display this piece.

 My dining room tablescape.
 The teapot below (a chintz design) was a recent find at an antique shop.
I also purchased two teacups/saucers with this beautiful floral design.
 Since I only got two of the floral cups, I displayed a few of my older blue and white cups/saucers, too.

 The blue and white large and small vases held some pretty spring flowers. My "tea for one" stackable cup and teapot are also an older, but much loved piece of china.(Perfect for a small cup of tea for me on those days I'm home alone.)
Now, I'd like to say I own the teawares below and put these vignettes together, but, alas, they belong to other bloggers. I just had to share them with you, as well. Blue and white china are some of my favorite colors and styles!!

Easter Breakfast Table Setting


I hope I am able to enjoy brighter days ahead!
Spring is officially less than 24 days away! Now, of course, that doesn't garantee that the weather will follow suite. But, I am praying the nice weather will be here soon. Till then, may you have a blessed day!!
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” 
Spanish Proverb
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  1. Oh, I know about those peri-menopausal symptoms! I've been experiencing that fun for about 12 years now after having been told that "it will only last about 5 years". Ha! But, ah well... Nice to know I'm not alone! :)

    I love all the blue and white table decor! So pretty! May I come for tea?

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Wow!! I had no idea you were in the same boat as I!! It's amazing how doctors think they know, but every woman is different!!(Maybe we are just a couple of odd-balls! :-S) And to answer your question...yes!! You are welcome for tea anytime!!

  2. Everything is so beautiful. I love blue and white. The teapot and matching cup are so pretty -- and what fun that one was a gift and you found the other at a flea market. I love it when things like that happen!

    1. I couldn't believe it myself when I found the teacup to match my blue floral rose teapot! I know it was one in a million find! So glad you stopped by!

  3. Each one of your piece of your China is beautiful. What a lovely collection. I hope you find some relief. I promise to seriously try to remember to ask my ANP what the name of the medicine is that is supposed to help with menopausal symptoms. There is either a shot or medicine. I remember her telling me about it. She also happens to be my good friend, my confidante, and my person that takes care of my multitudes of messed up body breaking stuff. LOL. Seeing as I battle hormonal junk due to endometriosis, I have a slight inkling about the mood swings, dips, the lows or winter blues as you politely described it. For the winter blues, I do have something to help with that- Sam-e. That's the name of a wonderful, all-natural, healthy "Happy Pill". Every single day during the Alaskan winters I take Sam-e and sometimes I take two of them at 400 mg each. The only time I double up is when it is so dark and overcast that it literally feels like I just lived through 2-3 days of 24/7 night. The really wonderful thing about Sam-e is that it helps many other areas of the body like aching joints. I will try to email an article to you that encompasses a brief overview of what all this "Happy Pill" does, but if you do your own research, you will learn so much more about this amazing pill. When I began taking it, it was about one year after my ovary and fallopian tube had been removed. No one told me the havoc my body, my mind, my soul would battle after losing a hormone producing organ. Of course, endo comes with its own set of wicked hormone upheavals including slight hot flashes or surges. It's not pleasant at all.

    Please look into Sam-e for beating the winter blues. It will take a few weeks to really kick in, but in case you are curious, I noticed a difference within three days. The heaviness and lack of motivation seemed to lift. I felt lighter, less smothered. Normally I take 400 mg, but when I first began taking the Happy Pill, I was at 200 mg and still felt the difference. Come to find out, my ANP takes it also. When I told her I opted to not use prescription anti-depressants in favor of Sam-e, she told me that was great and she uses it too.

    Anyway, back to your beautiful China, the chintz teapot is a favorite, the dainty gold-rimmed teacup below the photo of the one with a more Art Deco pattern is my favorite too. My mom would love that teacup. I also really love the tablescape with the pink peonies too. You did a beautiful job photographing that one.

    I hope you get to feeling better, my friend. Hang in there. I promise to work very hard to remember what that special shot or medicine is for menopausal symptoms.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. We would love to have you follow the new group board we have for Thursday Favs Hop-

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ann.

    Olivia, co-hostess
    Reinvented Collection

    1. Thanks for offering your suggestions for relief, Olivia. Actually, I'm not post-menopausal YET, but pre or peri-menopausal, which means my cycles are very irregular and often heavy. I currently am on a prescription med that has stopped the heavy issues, but I continue to be off and on, without any warning. I remember many years ago trying just about every natural remedy prescribed, including the one you suggested, SAM-E. It didn't really help me with this hormonal issues. As for having the "blues", I think just not being able to get outside of my house for several days makes me feel claustrophobic and have cabin fever. I just think the added hormonal issues makes it more difficult. But, gladly in the past few days the sun is back out and temps have up in the 50's. I'm feeling much better.
      Again, thanks for the suggestions. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Such cute settings...hope you get to feeling better!



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