Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's In My Closet: November Outfits

It's been awhile since I've shared an outfit post, so I decided to do one this week.

November brings many things with it in my part of the good 'ole USA, including windy, overcast days, falling leaves, and some rainy days....guess I should be least we don't have snow! 
(I wanted to give you a heads up....some of the photos taken are pretty fuzzy and not quality. This is due to the fact that my good Nikon camera is not presently working, so I've had to use my old Canon, which until I took these pictures, I had not realized what a difference having a good quality camera is! You'll definitely notice the difference between my two first outfits and the last.)
Outfit #1
A few of the autumn days have been cool and windy. Having a light jacket to wear is essential!
Red, tan, and black - I love this combo of colors that are in my Tartan Scarf from Goodwill
(All clothing pieces in this outfit were purchased at Goodwill)

Outfit #2
 Tans and browns compliment each other in this outfit. 
Tan top: Meijer
Brown dress pants: WalMart
My crocheted over-the-shoulder bag that I found at Goodwill works well here to carry my personal belongings.
When the weather gets a bit chilly, I just add this cute sweater, also purchased at Goodwill.

Outfit #3
I do love bright colors, and this outfit just screams "Hello Fall Colors!" I 've owned this outfit for several years, as it is a favorite of mine! So, I really don't remember where I purchased most of the pieces. As I recall, the skirt was another Meijer find. The jacket, I think was purchased at Target a few years back.

As you can see, this was taken on a windy fall day by the lake. The leave have almost all fallen from the trees...looks like it may be time to rake leaves!!


  1. These are great and I love the Burberry Scarf!

    Visting today from Thumping Thursdays!

    1. Thanks, Rosey! The scarf is a fave of mine, too!

  2. I love your outfit; your ruffled top and the burberry scarf caught me! :)

    Have a nice day --from What I Wore--

  3. Super cute outfits! Although I always hate to bid summer goodbye, once I can finally let it go, Fall outfits sure can be fun!

    1. Same here, April! If it weren't for boots, scarves, and hats....I may just pass winter over all together!! :)

  4. Great outfits! I'm really loving the red with the Burberry style scarf.

  5. Thanks for the comment you left on my What I Love About Fall post! I definitely would add hot chocolate to that list! Or Gluhwein at the Christmas markets here in Germany!

  6. Goodwill? You are amazing, Ann! Your outfits are sooo cute!! I'm inspired to head out to Goodwill or a local used clothing store and find my own treasures!!

  7. Ann ~ you are just the cutest thing! lol I ADORE Outfit #3 on you!! That is SOOO right my alley! That skirt is just fabulous!!!!

    xoxo laurie


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