Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something A Bit Fishy Around My House

I am SO excited to be sharing some things that I have been up to, lately!
I guess you could say some of it is a bit "fishy"...but definitely in a good way.

First I want to tell you about a great little place, called Emiley's Haute Cottage, that just opened in my neighboring city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. (If you live nearby and, like me, love antiques and re-purposed old items, your'll fall in love with this place). My hubby and I attended the open house....

But most exciting for me was the Vintage Market going on there today, too! 
 "Why?", you may ask.

Because, I FINALLY got to meet one of my favorite bloggy friends, Cindy of  Cottage Instincts.   I had been wanting to meet her a number of times, but it always seemed that we would just miss each other. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to meet someone I met through blogging. And I'll have to say, she is just as I had expected - an awesome and talented gal! She paints and sells old furniture and does an amazing job! Check out some of her work over at Serendipity House! She also sells homemade soaps, that were available at the market, too!
Cindy and I finally meet!

 Front entrance of Emiley's Haute Cottage, surrounded by some crafty items for sale at the vintage market.

So many unique items for sale.

Inside the shop are lots of pretty things, as well.

 I love the nautical display area! Lots of neat stuff that would go nicely in my lake cottage.
 Upstairs is more furniture, some very unique pieces!
(photo credit: Emiley's Haute Cottage)
(photo credit: Emiley's Haute Cottage) 
This is what the entrance usually looks like (on non-market days).
(photo credit: Emiley's Haute Cottage)

 After visiting the Cottage and Market, I went home and got inspired. I love quilts and one thing I did purchase there was a pretty block quilt. I love putting my quilts on the back of my sofas to display. I thought it went well with my futon on my sunporch. Don't you agree?
 I also got inspired to decorate a corner of the room with all my "fishy" decor.
 I actually purchased this white fish plate at Emiley's Haute Cottage several weeks ago. The silly sign was a gift from my mother. It reveals her sometimes warped sense of humor, especially since she is also a fisherwoman, like myself. The book, "Know Your Fish" identifies different kinds of fish, including pictures and descriptions...great for when we catch the fish we can't identify. The copyright was 1960, but it originally was an article for  the magazine, "Sports Afield".
 The boat art, with hooks was here when we bought the house. The hanging fish, another gift from my mother. And the painted sand dollars were purchased at a bookstore last year.
 Another "new" item I recently purchased was this 2-piece wood sign. I love the artwork and what is written on them. It describes what I love most about my house!
 Fishing poles and a net sit in the corner, waiting for an eager fisherman (or woman) to take them out to the lake.

 What a wonderful weekend I've had. I hope you enjoyed my review of the new little shop and the  
"fishy things around my house."

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb



  1. Oh how fun! So nice to meet you too Ann! One of my favorite parts of the day, second only to finding out that evening that we are going to be grandparents again :)

    Love your 'fishy' corner. I just can't wait to be able to decorate a house again. I'm thankful not to be in an apartment, but even living in a small home that's not really mine (will be my kids...the ones having their 2nd baby) makes me miss having spaces that are 'mine' to do with as I'd like.

    Thanks for the great review of Emiley's shop too. I'll post a link to this post on our private fb page so everyone can see it!

    1. Congratulations to soon having another grand-baby, Cindy! I'm sure the anticipation of all that is going to be happening around your "new" house is almost too much to take! Thanks for sharing my post, as well!

  2. I love your "fishy" decor!! So cute. I recently pulled out a quilt that my husband's grandmother made years ago. I didn't really have a place to put it, but still, hated it to be shut away in the drawer. So, I folded it in a way that the design showed and then put it in a square bookshelf! Funny...I don't have any books in the shelf! lol Anyway, I'm going to have to post a picture of it (and the room) as I think it might be a room you'd like! It is blue and white and features everything I have that has anything to do with the beach!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Thanks, Joan! I would love to see your quilt and the beach decorated room! Let me know if you do post any pictures of it!! Always a blessing to hear from you, my friend!

    2. Hi Again! I posted some on Facebook, entitled: For Ann! :-)

      Blessings, Joan

  3. I love the giant rulers in front of the shop and the exterior of the shop with such curb appeal.

  4. What a delightful post! The market is adorable and how fun to get to meet fellow blogger face to face - love your fished theme vignette- so many fun details and the sign is too funny!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful place to shop - so many interesting things to find - love your beach inspired decor - the quotes are marvelous! How fun to meet a blogging friend in person - love it! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. Glad to view your wonderful home! Your fish decorations are so beautiful and the cute fishermen sign is perfect with the fish theme. I am so happy you shared your trip to the new shop and vintage market. I wish I lived closer for it is a great place to shop. Nice to see your new blogging friend shares so much with you. Thanks for stopping by blog and your kind comments on the fish tablescape. Have a lovely weekend!



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