Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Favorite Spots to Relax -- Part 2 (Outdoors)

Wow! Once again, I honestly do not know where the time has gone! Here, it is the end of September (please, don't end yet, summer!!) and I still have to post Part 2 of my "Favorite Spots to Relax" series. My friend and fellow-blogger, Joan Davis, reminded me of this fact in the comments section of my last post. Thank you, Joan!! I had completely forgotten that I even had a "Part 2", just sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to hit "publish". 

The spots I photographed and share in this post were taken back in July, so those areas have started to look more "fall-ish" now than how they looked when I photographed them.

I love creating outdoor spaces! We have such a short window of time in Indiana(about 4-5 months) to actually enjoy the warm weather - though, that depends on how long winter lingers and if we have an short autumn season, which is usually the case.

There are a few different "outdoor spots" I find myself drawn to, though. And you would definitely find me there at least 2-3 days every week in the summer, just relaxing or entertaining in these areas.

For example, my front (lakeside) yard:
Now, this area is currently a "work-in-progress". When we purchased the property, the cement patio was cracked and uneven. We did smooth out the cracks and eventually plan on laying decorative stone on top of the cement. But, 'alas, the summer seems to be flying by so fast, that this might have to wait till spring to get completed. Until then, we still enjoy our outdoor dining area, 
 as well as our fire pit/gathering area.
If you have followed my blog for very long, you know that I am a big fan of growing flowers. Since our lake property has limited space, I have adjusted my flower gardening to mostly container plants.

We recently purchased a hibiscus flower for our patio.  
As you can see, it flourishes here. (Once the frost starts to form on the ground, though, I'll be bringing this tropical plant inside.)
Of course, another favorite spot for me is my swing, out by the lakeside. I love sitting here to read a good book or pray.
My potted marigolds(and Spike Plant) also thrive in our Mid-western climate.
One of my potted marigolds sits on the corner of our seawall.
 Here is one of the few lilies I own. I also have a bright yellow one, but it blooms early and is currently done blooming.
Another favorite hangout for me is my back patio/porch. This is where I love to come to have a tea break, as well as where we grill our burgers/chops/fresh-caught fish.
My "flower wall" has done well, also, with my mix of Violets, Allysm, and a few returning Petunias from last year.
In another planter, I have a pretty pink Dahlia.
For some reason, one of Ken's favorite plants is this Coleus, with  multi-colored leaves and purple flower
Near my entrance are more potted plants...another Marigold (Can you tell that they are a favorite flower of mine?) with a Spike Plant in the center. In smaller planters there are a Trailing Lobelia and my other Lily (the one that has already bloomed.) 
Here is a close-up of my Trailing Lobelia. I have one potted on each side of my patio.
To the left of my entrance, I've turned my previous miniature "fairy garden" into a fishing lodge!
This bear is friendly and welcomes visitors to stay and sit awhile, and maybe even have some tea and freshly grilled fish.
My hubby, Ken, is definitely the rock collector/landscaper for most of our property, but I even have collected a few decorative "fake" rocks that have some of my favorite verses from the Bible engraved on them.

Last year, we had a small goldfish pond in this area. We didn't get that set up this year, but instead, I set my silly frog and a small homemade(from old Terracotta pots) water fountain that Ken made a few years back in among the rocks and the Hosta plants that line the side of the house.
My hostas look pretty happy in this area, as well. I love the dainty light pink flowers that bloom on them throughout the summer months.

Ahhh....I never get tired of watching the boaters, skiers, and fisherman that keep the lake all abuzz! 
Before I know it, though, the boats will start to dwindle down. (Already, it is starting to get quieter here.) The leaves will start to turn their multi-colored hues and warm breezes will turn into chilly winds. 
Goodbye sweet summer. Hello, Autumn!!
To see Part 1: Go Here

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish 

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  1. What a beautiful spot you have Ann! I'm sure not a day goes by that you aren't thanking God for blessing you with your waterfront view. Living on a lake is a wonderful thing. I've been racking my brain trying to remember what large lakes there are in IN and I've decided Winona Lake it must be. We lived in the Anderson area for two years and would have given anything to see a large body of water. Especially since we moved there from the shores of Lake Michigan. ;) Thanks for linking up with us at Project Inspire{d}! Hope to see you again next week! Blessings!

    1. Oh, you were very close to guessing right, Diane. We live on Dewart Lake, which is about 10 miles north of Winona Lake. - you may recall Lake Wawasee, which is just east of us, and is the biggest natural lake in Indiana(.23,618 acres)/ Dewart is actually only about 550 acres, but it's big enough for us. We truly do feel very blessed! We'v'e lived in different places, but this is our favorite yet, and we would be content to live here the rest of our lives.Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. Thanks also for hosting your link-up party!

  2. Hi Ann! I'm finally getting here...sorry for the delay! I LOVE all your flowers!! You have made some really nice sitting areas around your home...I'd love to sit on the swing by the lake or maybe have a cup of tea with you on your back porch...or maybe roast marshmallows over your fire "pit" ! Each area looks so comfortable and inviting!!

    Blessings, Joan


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