Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's In my Closet? {Summer Haul}

It's been awhile, since I've posted a "What's In My Closet" Outfit post. So, I decided, there's no time like the present.

I absolutely LOVE summer!! It's my favorite time of the year. And I LOVE wearing summer outfits! I recently found some great deals at our local retail stores and wanted to share them. Since I live on a lake, I thought, what better setting to model my new outfits than right here! (With the help of my hubby!)
Outfit #1
My first outfit starts out with a pair of black and white "Palazzo pants" that I found at Meijer. They are lightweight and so comfortable, perfect for summer days at the lake! My white crocheted sweater(purchased last year at Kohl's) keeps me covered and warm on those cooler mornings.
As the day warms up, I peel off my sweater and soak up the sun in a black tank and white spaghetti-strap camisole. My matching straw hat(from Dollar Tree) and purse(WalMart) keep things light and airy, also.

Outfit #2
The contrasty black and white combo seems draw my attention, as seen in this next outfit, as well. My black peasant-style top is one I've had for several years, so I don't exactly remember where I got it, but it's been a favorite of mine. I love "stretchy" skirts and this striped knee-length skirt (from TJ Maxx) doesn't disappoint. It's comfortable, but adds a bit of classy to my outfit.
Worn here, with my black and white canvas shoes, I'm ready for a day by the lake.

Outfit #3
If I'm not wearing a black and white combo, you'll probably find me in navy! This navy striped hi-lo skirt (TJ Maxx)keeps things interesting. The attached stretch belt adds length to my waist, which I need, as I'm quite short-waisted. Worn with a navy tank and (if needed) a lightweight white button-up cotton blouse...
I'm perfectly ready for a boat ride.
...But first, a little lake breeze to cool me off!!

Outfit #4
For my "patriotic, July 4th" look, I got this summery red, white, and blue ensemble. The white linen pants, with matching jacket (both purchased from Kohl's), are perfect for those cooler summer days by the water. 
(I love my hubby's giant rocks to pose on! :)
Combined here with a knit striped "Tommy Hilfiger" sleeveless top (a steal I found at Goodwill), all I need to do is shed the jacket, once the sun heats things up. I also have had these white cargo shorts for several years and am not sure where they were purchased.
Checking the nets to see what's for dinner. Looks like I may need to do some fishing, first.
 I love these new "patriotic" slip-on deck shoes, purchased recently at Meijers.
Ready for a boat ride!
Perfect weather for a day on the lake!

Well, that's all I have for today.
Hope you all have a

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish 
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  1. What a beautiful location. I love the black and white outfit, especially!

    1. Thanks, Jo-Lynne! I've been really drawn to black and white outfits lately. Thanks for hosting "Fashion Friday".

  2. Replies
    1. I love it too! I actually wore it to a July 4th family gathering today! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wish I could spend the Summer by the lake! You sound like you have the perfect life. I love your navy and white high low skirt, I find navy much softer and more flattering than black on people. Love your nautical top in the final few pictures too. I hope you've had a great day today.

    1. Hi, Lorna. We've lived on the lake for 2 years now and I wouldn't trade living here for anything! (Well, maybe Hawai....LOL!) I love the summers! I love navy, too! But black is kind of a "go to" color for me, when all else fails!

  4. As always...cute outfits!! I think my favorite in this grouping is the navy skirt (short in front, long in back)...but, I also like the cargo shorts with the red, white and blue shirt! You two have such fun...I can just imagine your husband snapping away while you posed for these pictures. Big smiles all around!! Enjoy a great boat ride on the lake today, ok? :-)

    Love, Joan

    1. LOL! That shoot was a fun experience!...the only downside was that we have snoopy, older retired neighbors who tend to watch every move we make in our yard and spread the word to all their friends. So, of course we were the talk of the neighborhood for a few days after that...crazy!!! Thanks for stopping by, friend!

  5. Cute outfits, I especially like the skirts! Looks like a great day to go for a boat ride and nice photos. :)


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