Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring is Here (I Hope)

It's been awhile since I have written here at Cairn Cottage
Even though we had a pretty mild winter, spring seems to come very slowly to me. For weeks we have flip-flopped from cold/snow to sunny, warm days!

This week before Easter Sunday, I finally got some spring decor out and put together this planter. 

Tea for Two: A couple of fairies drink some tea...

I found this teapot house at Meijer. As a "tea stuff" collector, it gave me inspiration for how to use some miniature tea items in the theme.

My miniature teapot and teacup ornaments fit in perfectly...

I planted some Viola in a children's teacup, as well as surrounding the scenery.

I'm hoping the "SPRING" wood sign gets everyone in the mood for the season!!

What kinds of things are you doing to get into the "Spring" mood? Planting flowers? Doing spring cleaning? Displaying spring decor?

Hopefully, Spring is here to stay!!

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” 
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  1. Love your post!Gorgeous tea cups and teapot!

  2. Wow, Ann! You are so creative! I love your spring planter decor! What a fun idea... I love the idea of "little people" - such as fairies in the spring! As a child I used to imagine them everywhere! So fun! As for what I'm doing to bring in spring? Well, if this rain would every stop, I could get out front and put in some more flowers! Some of my drought tolerant plants actually died this winter due to the rain! Ha! Can you believe that? Blessings for a warm and sunny spring! Love, Joan

    1. Yes, springtime planting is also on my "to do" list, once the weather decides cooperate here, too. Ours isn't an issue with too much rain, but below freezing temps at night. So glad you enjoyed my little early display! I always enjoy seeing what's new in your garden areas, too!!


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