Monday, September 19, 2016

What's In My Closet? Endless Summer Dreams

I keep saying it over and over...but it's true!
Time flies!!
Now, for all you Autumn lovers, (and I know there are quite a few of you out there) this may be good news. For we can officially say it is fall in just a few days. But, for this summer-lovin' girl, I get downright depressed! Oh, what I wouldn't do to enjoy an endless summer!! - I dream that maybe someday when the hubby and I retire that could actually become a reality!
Till then, I will have to say we have had some gorgeous September weather, so far! Most days are in the upper 70's to lower 80's and sunny. The evenings do get cooler, but I don't mind it, as we often end up sitting around a campfire by the lake. 
I also get to wear my summer outfits a little longer! Won't you join me as I once again share from
What’s in My Closet?

Outfit #1: Feathers and Fringe
As I have shared in past posts, I love wearing summer dresses! This tie-dyed maxi skirt is light and airy, as is the feather printed top.
I purchased this purse and these sandals at different times at Meijer. Hard to believe they didn't come together, as they match each other perfectly! They were even made by two different companies...purse by Massini...sandals by Lulu.
The necklace is one I restored by adding an old leaf motif from a previous necklace to the short ball-linked chain.

Outfit #2: Royal Blue Is Best
Blue is definitely my favorite color! And royal blue is the best shade of blue, ever!! Here is a cute summer top (T.J. Maxx) and a matching blue capri length pants. White flip flops keep the blue and white theme going.
I actually got the striped sunhat at CVS Pharmacy. Yep, they sell hats and sandals, etc.! I got the royal blue purse at Walmart. This outfit is definitely color-coordinated. My doggie friends and I, relaxing on my cottage porch.

Outfit #3: Workout Wear
I have been trying to get at least a few days of workouts in each week. To help motivate me, I purchased some activewear.
The black and white top is light and airy for those hot days, when I do leg lifts, sit-ups, and ride bike or take walks.
I love the T-back design of my top. I have had the white painter shorts for many years. They are extremely comfortable, so I wear them often through the summer months.

Outfit #4: Tie-dye Maxi Dress
My last outfit is one of my summer faves! Yes, another tie-dyed dress!! What can I say? I really love them!! I accessorise it with my blue cloth handbag.
Also, a new scarf, made by a dear friend, Michelle Bengtson, in dedication to her new book, "Hope Prevails".
Another T-back design adds appeal to this summer dress!
I wear these aqua/green sandals with this outfit.
Other accessories include some colorful long necklaces and this "hope" bracelet, also a gift from Michelle Bengtson!

Unfortunately, summer will eventually end, here in Indiana! But, I am definitely taking advantage of the nice warm weather for as long as I can. Thanks for checking out my summer outfits. May you enjoy the remains of the season as well!!
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” 
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  1. Well, you know me! I'm one of "those" friends of yours whose favorite season is Autumn! But then, I must say that Autumn doesn't get very cold around here! Today it is currently 93 outside! Ugh! But. I am so looking forward to the crisp mornings and being able to have a fire in the fireplace!

    Cute outfits, as always! I love how you really complete your ensembles including your accessories. I tend to sort of throw mine together not with always the best results! LOL

    Have a great day, Ann! Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Joan

    1. Yep! I do remember that you are an Autumn-lover, Joan! That's o.k....I won't hold it against you!! LOL! I think the fact that we soon will be in the 40s and 50s, and then down to the 20s and 30s makes me a little less excited about Autumn. But I understand why you would like it more in California! As far as my outfits go, I do have a bit of an obsession with color coordinating even my accessories. Don't know if that's good or bad! :/ Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Autumn to you!!

  2. Well aren't you cute? Love the sandals with fringe and the tie dyes are so fun!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. How time flies indeed. Love that dress and those sandals.


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