Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Projects/More Autumn Pictures

Hello, Friends!!
I’m back once again with some more fall pictures. It sure seems like fall has lasted longer and later in the season and I keep finding beautiful things to take pictures of.
From gorgeous sunrises over the lake...
... to fall colors on our trees.
I love taking close-ups of the intricate nature of each leaf...

 ...Then there's the annual migration of the Coots. With cooler temps starting up, they have been feeding right out front of our cottage.

 It’s been quite a crazy few weeks here at Cairn Cottage, too. We have had to go through some difficult situations – the passing of my father-in-law, as well as getting ready to soon step down from my job at my church.
But throughout it all, we have continued to keep ourselves busy.

My mom stopped out for a visit and threw out a line. No lucky catch that day, though.
...While she enjoyed the quiet lake view, hubby and I started one of our projects.
 ... I glued the stones as hubby positioned them on top of one another.
Some of the stones had to be cut to fit.
The completed project!
 A stone bench, which has to have a wood seat attached yet, was also completed. (It will be a great spot for keeping warm by the fire pit.)
 Today, we completed part 2 of a project we actually started in July... a fence to keep our little doggies in the yard. Of course, hubby added some of his rocks for beauty and effect.
 Here is a picture of the area that he also landscaped long ago with more of his rocks.
...As the sun set this evening, we saw the moonrise. A beautiful orange glow on the autumn trees was breathtaking!!
After such beautiful weather and views, all I can say is this...

May you have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Great job you, two! I love how the stone wall adds some definition to your sitting area/patio. It looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Joan! We were so excited to be able to get it completed before winter!! Come spring(and maybe if we get a little Indian summer before winter hits), we will really enjoy that patio!! Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week!!

  2. Ann, you certainly do have a beautiful view! Your wall turned out very nice. It certainly has been a glorious fall. The news said that we had the warmest Oct. ever recorded here in UT. 70 degrees yesterday, but now cooling down to where it should be. Sorry about your FIl, and wishing you the best! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. I just found you today, via Katherine's Corner. We have much in common (I'm a 50 something from the Midwest with a Psych degree, for starters.) Enjoying your fun blog. I love to take fall photos too. Great job with the wall--the patio is lovely. I'm usually not brave enough for projects of that size!


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