Monday, August 3, 2015

Change Is In The Air!

Change in life is inevitable. Things come and go, and nothing really stays the same too long. One thing that is still the same, though is the lovely atmosphere at our home on the lake.
Cairn Cottage, our little piece of paradise, continues to be a place of peace, relaxation, and comfort...
Activity on the lake has been up. Speedboats, pontoons, and even sailboarders have been seen on a regular basis.
As always, jet-skiing is a very popular lake activity.
We had lots of rain in June and most of July, which caused our water levels to rise significantly. 
In the past few months, we have been through some difficult changes. My step-father passed away and my mom has not only been suffering from severe depression, but her dementia has increased. Because of this, I have spent much more time with her and having her come to visit at our house has been a welcome respite on some of the most difficult days.
She loves to sit and watch the boats go by or even go out in our pontoon with my hubby and me to go fishing.
Another change that we are currently in the process of doing is helping our son move. He has lived in southern Indiana for the past 3 years. A few weeks ago, he got a job offer up in Michigan but has not found housing there, yet. Since he needed to be out of his apartment last week, we have temporarily been moving his stuff into our house and garage and this week he will be coming home to stay with us until he finds housing.. 
In spite of all the changes, I have had the opportunity to find a few lake signs....yes, I really like lake signs! Here are a couple I recently purchased:

I love the one above, especially since the name of our lake is "Dewart" lake.!
A couple other signs I'd love to get eventually are below. I found them online. They describe lake life so well!

Wishing you a relaxing week ahead, whether you are on or off the lake!
Wishing you
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” 
Spanish Proverb
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  1. The only constant thing in life is change!! LOL I'm learning to "go with the flow! Blessings to you, Ann!

    1. So true, Joan! Going with the flow often makes life less stressful and, who knows what exciting path lies ahead of us? It may be just what we have been waiting for and need!!

  2. Wow you have a lot going on. First off your photos are gorgeous! I hate to hear about your step-father and I am sorry for your loss. Your mother must really be hurting at a time like this and she is so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter that obviously cares for her. Personally I find looking out at water (for me the ocean) to be not only soothing but a healing experience too. This is my hope for your mother and you to be soothed and healed. Take care!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Gigi! It has been a very busy summer, so far! Living near water (ocean, lake, or stream) is so often a soothing and healing place to be!

  3. I always had heard that change is good. Sometimes I have my doubts about that. I do know that your lake cottage is beautiful and I love your lake sign collection. Have a wonderful weekend..... Candy

    1. Thanks, Candy, for stopping by!! Yes, change is often not easy, even if it is good. May your week ahead be blessed, as well!! :)


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