Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Lovin' Majolica!

Bright colors.
Intricate designs.
Amazing artwork.

All these things are what I love about the new plates I purchased recently.
 I love antique Majolica ceramics!
Unfortunately, these are modern pieces. I would LOVE to be able to find and purchase real "Majolica". 
The round and square plates here were purchased at WalMart and are made of melamine, so at least I know they will last. I love the "ombre" colors in the blue!
 The napkins were a recent purchase, as well (at Pier 1 Imports). They match closely with the placemats, which I have had for a few years, now.
I wanted to do a unique tablescape, as these items are really the only Italian style things I presently own. I thought a combination of some of my favorite things would make a great setting.

I recently bought this small cloche with a bird handle. I had been wanting to purchase a cloche for a while, but couldn't find one I liked at the right price, till this little cutie showed up at TJ Maxx.
I just love the etched design in the glass, as well as the sweet glass birdie on top!
 Inside it is a gift from our friends/neighbors, who just recently returned from their winter home in Florida. What looks like a wood-carved flower is really a Macadamia nut and shell.  
I love seashells and have an extensive collection, so I decided to use some of my shells, as well as some pretty rocks, in the decor.
The bowl holding the seashells matches the blue plates.
This little finch was a decor item I got last year. So glad he returned for the spring weather.
 His mate is in the picture below.
 This picture says it all, as one of my other favorite things is fishing. As you can see out our window, a few fishermen are braving the cold April breezes and have started fishing already.

Last, but not at all least, is this sign I have in my window.
It is a reminder to me every day to give thanks to my Maker for the many blessings He provides in my life.

Have you seen or do you own any Majolica?

Here is some interesting information on this style of pottery.  
What is Majolica? 
Majolica is a kind of earthenware made in imitation of Italian maiolica ( fine earthenware with colored decoration on an opaque white tin glaze), originating in Italy during the Renaissance

Majolica (or Maiolica in Italian), meaning ‘enameled ceramic’ dates back to the 9th century, when the art form was first produced by Islamic cultures. By the 11th century as trade flourished, the art of glazing terracotta with an opaque or white glaze became increasingly more popular and widely produced. Gradually the island of Majorca, off the cast of Spain, became of the major trading posts between Spain and Italy, thus allowing for the influence of Majolica to spread throughout Italy.

Many of the artisans’ products come from families who have been producing ceramics since the Renaissance.  Each piece is hand painted creating some subtle differences and uniqueness from piece to piece. The vivid colors, beauty and richness of detail and technique became revered and vastly produced. They often had colorful glazes and molded surfaces. 
(Definition taken from Apple Computer Dictionary Version 1.0.2)

There are other kinds of Majolica, but in my opinion, none compare the the Italian style/designs. Here are a few examples of different types of Majolica:
Italian Majolica.

ceramic majolica g06 plate blue yellow green 739 20cm

English Majolica


Mexican Majolica
Mayolica Fruit plate
Victorian majolica 

Now, I am on the search for some beautiful (and affordable) Italian Majolica!
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and I found you on the Aloha Friday Blog Hop! Love all your decor pieces and I too love Italian Majolica. I think a piece I have in my etsy shop is Italian majolica....maybe you can tell me! It's here...
    Following you via Bloglovin' and Pinterest!

    1. Hi, AnnMarie! I checked out your etsy piece. It does look like Majelica. Not sure if it's Italian or some other origin. The fruit designs are not my favorite, but I know they are quite popular. Hopefully you'll find a buyer! Thanks for stopping by, following. and leaving a comment.

  2. This a lovely table with all your bright colors and designs. Your window facing the water is a wonderful place to sit and dine. I love the blue plates with the pretty design on the salads. It reminds me of the Mediterranian countries and Mexican ceramics. We see many similar designs from the hand made Mexican pottery and tiles in stores here in Texas. Majolica is very beautiful but so expensive. Your seashells are so lovely in the matching blue bowl. I thought you might enjoy a table I posted, a Majolica Seashell Tablescape on 8/15/12 for I had found new majolica at Home Goods for great prices. Thanks for reminding us of the Majolica with your pretty tablescape.

    1. Hello! I stopped over to your post on the seashell tablescape! I aI can say is 'wow'! You have quite a nice collection of seashell tableware and the plates you got at Home Goods are so unique!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I really like your blog, too and will be following.

  3. I LOVE Majolia! I went on an epic quest about a year ago to find Majolica-style dresser pulls.


    1. They would make beautiful decor for any drawer! Did you find any? Thanks for dropping in!

  4. Love your entire table all the details play off the wonderful Majolica patterns so beautifully!
    Visiting from Delightsome life!

  5. Beautiful tablescape, love your dishes! I do love the English and pretty!


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