Monday, May 27, 2013

Lake Living is Grand

I had my hopes and preconceived ideas, but I never knew lake living could be so adventuresome and full!
Here are just a few things I've been enjoying, lately, about living on a lake.

 We see nature at its best. . .
 A wounded butterfly rests on some sand and rocks.
 Two sparrows visited me up close on my patio.

 Lake life is often seen as "laid back".
 Amish fishermen in front of our cottage.
 Mowing our grass, with lake in background.
 It's a dog's life.
 Catching fish off of the pier

 There is also adventure. . .
 Speedboats, flying by.
 Tubers, skiers, and jet-skiers filled the lake this Memorial Weekend.

 I'll have to admit, I love lake living! 
Beautiful sunsets and so much more!!!
 Full moon.

 Life has its ups and downs, but I'm so thankful to have the privilege of living on a lake!! To read about other things I've been thankful for, head on over to my other blog
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

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  1. Hi wonderful to live on a lake!! This looks so inviting..I could really get into this! Love your little doggie!

    1. Thanks, Christy. Winters can be a bit brutal, but now that summer's here, it really seems like bit of paradise.

  2. You are a lucky duck for sure! I love the water (lakes, streams and rivers, the ocean). Beautiful views :)

  3. I had to look to see where you lived. I live in Michigan and we have so many lakes here that I thought you might be from around here. Will be following


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