Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Feature Favorites - No. 8

Welcome back to "Feature Favorites", where I will be featuring different blog posts, photos, and ideas that some of my favorite bloggers have recently shared. This time around, I am sharing some of my
Favorite Summer Posts and Photos:
Beach Bonanza
Follow The Sun
6 lessons in living (and entertaining) by the beach...Summertime rules at Sean MacPherson and Rachelle Hruska’s Montauk beachside retreat.
Explore inside Sean MacPherson and Rachelle Hruska’s Montauk beach house and learn their tips for living stylishly and entertaining in a cozy chic way by the beach.:

Decor and Design
At "Eclectically Vintage" Kelly shares some beautiful and unique summer house styles. From Victorian to American Colonial to Georgian to Cape Cod Cottage and more. Find which is your favorite! 
Love the row of peonies planted in front of this cape cod home eclecticallyvintage.com:

Foodie Finds


Marta Greber found the perfect setting for her "Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas" - cheese and fruit tortillas in cinnamon sugar and a chocolate shake. What an interesting breakfast combination!!
Breakfast between fields / Marta Greber:
Fashion Frenzy
At "Glam and Glitter" Travel and Fashion blogger, Tamara Kalinic shares her summer fashion secrets of "How to dress for temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius if you want to go shop with your friends, have some drinks or walk around the city."

Lake and Cottage Lifestyle
Cottage Style Decorating
One of the most charming aspects of cottage living is its natural, simplistic and bare-boned style. Sarah Richardson shares 16 Fresh + Simple Design Ideas.Cottage Decorating Ideas | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV:

Fantastic Photography 

Once-in-a-Lifetime View

Photograph by Cory Mottice, National Geographic Your Shot
A rainbow adds magic to an already paradisiacal scene captured by Your Shot member Cory Mottice at Havasu Falls, Arizona. “The clouds looked promising for a decent sunset, so I left my campsite and headed up to Havasu Falls,” he writes. “Instead, I was treated to a once-in-a-lifetime view.”
Picture of a rainbow over Havasu Falls in Arizona:

Teatime Treasures
A Honey of a Tea Party over at "Teatime Magazine"
From pretty tea sandwiches that include a touch of honey to sweet honey desserts, here are some tea and honey treats that go together perfectly.
A Honey of a Tea Party:

Pet Portraits
Tremendous Travels
I have decided to combine the last two categories here for a very cool special blog post about pets that travel...At 
The Travelettes  "Meet the pets that travel more than you."(Including Monique the chicken, Amelia the sailing cat, Sailordog- the rescue dog, Leroy Brown and Miles - the goats, and more!!)
Day 854 - The conquest of Sicily has begun!:

Congrats to all these bloggers and internet sites!
Thanks for sharing your awesome posts! 
I hope my readers are as blessed by reading them as I have been! Feel free to use the button below to let your readers know that you were featured here!

Cairn Cottage
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” 
Spanish Proverb
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  1. Ann these are such interesting posts. The one of the photograph really grabbed my attention. But then so did the first one in Montauk. And how about the other one with the pets? Where will I go to first. It shows how good an editor you are that I want to read all of your selections. Thank you for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration.

  2. Ah your travel companion is gorgeous. :)
    Great features, btw.


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