Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's In My Closet: Winter Is Here!

Yep! I can officially say winter is here in the Midwest in all of it's {freezing, icy, windblown, snow-covered} splendour!!
We actually had it pretty good for awhile, as autumn seemed to hang on throughout all of November and December. I think we had one snowfall where the snow actually stuck to the ground.
But, we knew the warmspell would not last forever. And, boy oh boy, were we right!
This past week hit us hard with blizzard-like white-outs and below freezing temps.

Time to pull out the oversized sweaters, winter boots, gloves, hats, and scarves ~ and don't forget the long underwear! :) I recently stopped working and am a full-time homemaker and care-giver for my mom. So, as you will notice, my outfits are more casual.
I really love plaid flannel! This basic black and white checked top, over a black turtle neck sweater, with stretch jeans and my basic black boots are a comfortable and stylish combo.

 Gray is also a color I am drawn to. This sweat out fit came from TJ Maxx. A warm top with appliqued desgn is layered over a long white tank. The sweat pants are two-toned, gray in the front and black in the back.

Combined with my striped leg-warmers and combat boots, I'm sure to keep warm this winter!

 I also love this necklace with beading and southwest silver pieces.

 A close-up of the sweat pants shows the cable design on the front panel of the pants, which is an added favorite.

Here is a close-up of my boots, showing the upper flap turned down. I can also lace it all the way up, if I choose.

Another find at TJ Maxx was this cute "Life is Good" Sweatshirt. Combined with stretch jeans and my black suede booties, I am sure to stay cozy on cold winter days.

A close-up reveals the design on the front of the sweatshirt. I am a big fan of Life is Good brand merchandise and what it stands for. Click on the icon below.

 I am wearing another "Life is Good" long-sleeve tee under the sweatshirt, also purchased at TJ Maxx.

I have had my suede black booties for several years. I love wearing them with my thick fuzzy socks.
I love just wearing my fuzzy socks around the house, too.

I also wanted to share a cute pink scarf, gray and white pompm hat, and gray "fingerless" mittens that I like with this outfit. Today, it was 9 degrees out and snowing. In this weather, you can never have enough of these items!

Most of my outfits have been casual. This sweater and skirt is one that is a little dressier. 

 The sweater is made of the softest yarn I have ever felt. The skirt feels like thick wool, but softer, without the itchy feel. I also am wearing a striped scarf with matching hat and gloves.

A slit in the back allows me more movement. The sweater also is hooded.

 I recently got a great deal on these two-tone books(End of the season sale) at Carsons.

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy, no matter where you live and what weather you are having!! 
Have a blessed winter!!
“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” 
Spanish Proverb
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  1. Oh cute cute! I especially love the black and white large checked flannel shirt outfit! Very nice!

    Stay cozy, Joan

    1. Thanks, Joan! I love all the styles I have for the winter season!! I will definitely be staying cozy! Hope you are enjoying your winter in Cali too!

  2. Hi Ann,
    Girl I'm right there with you on the comfy, cozy fashion during winter! It is almost always winter here in Alaska-the place I have nicknamed Narnia. I would gladly take a blizzard with our freakish warm weather that we have had all winter long. It has been an ice skating rink around town with people quite literally wearing ice skates, zipping through town, down the roads. Craziness I tell ya! For the first time in over one week, I finally left my house yesterday. That ice garbage scares me!

    Back to you now- Love, love, love the gray! It's a favorite of mine too. Your leg warmers are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it. I was wondering if they were knee high socks at first. You really pulled that outfit together so nicely with the combat boots. Huge Doc Martins fan right here!

    Oh my gosh you have the same socks that I love. Aren't they just about the most delightful feeling of squishy, cozy, and cute?!

    And I have to tell you, the Marsala, plum tones are really your color! I'm not an expert in determining what season a person is, but it looks to me like you might be a summer. Google it. It's a fun thing to learn about when it comes to fashion. There are summer, winter, fall, and spring. The colors that are supposed to look good on me are in the summer family, but I can pull of winter tones too. Fall colors are the only shades I don't wear very well. My mother is a fall and I do have fun picking things out for her.

    Those two toned boots are gorgeous! It's so difficult to find a nice pair of boots that fit just right and are also good at getting around on snow and ice while wearing them. Last year I wanted a pair of gorgeous Coach boots. It turns out that the sole didn't have any traction whatsoever. They are completely impossible to get around in on ice or snow. I recall seeing pairs of boots similar to your two-toned ones WITH some traction. Oh the joys of living where winter abounds. LOL.

    I think my favorite is your leg warmers and the long buffalo check button down dress shirt. You look so cute in each of your outfits! :-)

    Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Olivia- Co-Hostess
    Reinvented Collection

    1. Hi, Olivia! Oh, I can't even imagine to cold winters you experience in Alaska!! Thanks for your compliments on my outfits and the suggestion of finding my "season". I think I had tried the best seasons for me and do believe it is summer - I know one thing for sure - my favorite season of the year for me personally is summer! So glad you stopped by. May you have a warm, cozy winter and may spring come early for us all!!

    2. :-) You are welcome Ann! Have a great week!

  3. I am also from the Midwest and it does get very cold. Your outfits look warm, yet trendy and well put together with the weather in mind.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I really enjoy trying out different styles and combinations. Being home full-time, that can sometimes be a challenge. It would be so easy to not be concerned about those kinds of things. But, when I put forth the effort, I always feel more motivated for my day ahead!

  4. I love your Spanish proverb. I have that as the name of one of my Pinterest boards because we live in a little cottage.

    I am impressed that you no longer work outside the home and take the time to wear such cute outfits. I tell people my uniform is Patagonia shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops. Now you have me motivated to actually put on a cute outfit tomorrow when I head downtown with a friend tomorrow.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

    1. Cottage living is definitely something my hubby and I have truly enjoyed as empty-nesters! Thanks for your complimentary comment! It would be very easy for me to not put the effort to coordinate outfits (and on some days I don't), but when I do, I always am glad, as it perks my day up and gives me motivation. I hope it does the same for you, sister!! Enjoy your time with your friend in style1! :)


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