Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's In My Closet? {From Valentines to St. Patricks Day}

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I apologize for not posting, here at Cairn Cottage, in quite awhile again. We have been in a constant polar vortex for the past 2 months. Between battling negative temps and shoveling snow, after each regularly occurring weekly snowstorm, I have found little motivation to write here, and have even struggled to keep up on my other blogpage, Christ in the Clouds. I was so excited that we actually got up into the 40's today and are expected to have several days like this ahead! 

I was actually home today, as we had just gotten our most recent snowstorm last evening and roads were still drifted shut. To top it off, the sun was shining. So, I got motivated to do an outfit post. I had wanted to have one by Valentines Day, but that came and went. Then, I thought, why not do a combo Heart-Day and St. Patty's Day post? So sit back and enjoy!!

From Valentine's Day...

 This is my favorite dressy tunic I have owned for several years.
 ...combined with my black stretch dress pants makes a perfect Valentines outfit! A cute red silk flower rests in a side bun in my hair.
 My velvet covered floral designed shoes finish off the look!(Sorry about the dog hair.)

...To St. Patrick's Day
 A  forest green eternity scarf, black sweater, and gray boots put me in the Irish mood.
 I love the comfy warm feel of my black knit sweater.
 My green top has a stretch front with silky back and matches my forest green stretch leggings.
 I got this plaid wool pea coat around 5 years ago. It's perfect on those colder days, when I need something warmer when I go out.
...and it's definitely been worn a lot, as we have had our share of cold weather!
I adore wearing boots with my stretch pants! These cute wool booties have decorative buttons and zip on the inside ankles.

...And the days in-between.
 This aqua blue and gold sweater makes a great main piece, with a matching gold scarf and aqua stretch jeans.
 Another fun pair of black booties!
 I love the contrast of black and white!
 A striped sweater and matching striped stretch pants keep the contrasts interesting throughout.

The pearl cross necklace came with the purchase of the sweater last year.
My boots are ones I have worn in previous posts. I love their feel and the look goes with so many of my outfits!

As you can see, sweaters, boots, and scarves are just a few winter attire staples in my closet! 
 Do you have a favorite Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, or just a favorite winter outfit? Do you like to wear different accessories, too?
  • floral tunic - Bonton
  • black stretch dress pants - Walmart
  • black dress shoes - Shoe Source
  • black sweater - Kohls
  • green stretch pants - Meijer
  • Green top - Meijer
  • Green scarf - WalMart
  • Gray booties - Shoe Show
  • Black and white button-up sweater/necklace -Meijer
  • Black and white stretch pants - Meijer
  • Aqua/gold sweater - Goodwill
  • Aqua jeans - TJ Maxx
  • Black booties - Meijer
  • Gold scarf - WalMart      
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  1. love that pretty floral tunic! Thanks for linking up:)

  2. You're so fun, Ann! And...you've put me in the mood to go shopping! My closet is looking pretty pitiful right now! I love your Valentine's tunic...and the Irish outfit is great!

    1. Once I get an outfit post going, I really do have lots of fun! (Wow....I think I'm almost always in the mood to go shopping!) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ooh, I love your plaid pea coat. What a great piece! Very pretty Valentine's day tunic as well. Thanks for sharing your looks with Manic Monday. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks! I actually wore it to work a couple of times this week! I find myself going with one distinct color each week and this week I've been wearing a lot of greens! Thanks for stopping by and for hosting Manic Monday!

  4. That's definitely a great, classic pair of black boots!
    Thank you for linking up with Manic Monday!

  5. Hi thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays last week and sharing all you outfits :) featuring your post this week at the hop...

    1. Wow! Thanks Clairejustine! I'll definitely head back over there to check it out and post another link-up as soon as I can!


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