Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Gardens Refreshed!!

Hi, everyone!! I 'm running behind with my posts, once again this week. It's been quite busy around my house, lately. We've been doing different projects, as well as adding a new Radon fan in our basement. We recently found we had high radon readings in our house. To get the full story you can go to a post from my other blog HERE. Each project completed means we are another step closer to moving into our lake cottage! Yay!!!

I've not been feeling very well this week, so this will be a short, but sweet post, as well.

What a wonderful morning we've had here in northern Indiana. For about 2 months we have been high and dry (and very hot), weather-wise. In fact, many of the local farmers have all but totally lost their crops this season....SEE NEWS REPORT (Photos of Corn Devastation in the Midwest)  We are surrounded by corn and soybean fields and most of them are 3/4 brown.  But this morning we FINALLY got a wonderful hard rain and thunderstorm! It's still a little humid, but the temps have dropped about 15 degrees from yesterday. My flowers and vegetables are SO happy, as well as my lawn. I took some pictures awhile back, when the heat was at it's worst. A few of my flowers actually not only survived, but some even seemed to thrive in this dry heat, while others suffered miserably. So, I thought I would share pictures of  some of the thriving flowers with you today.
A few  Lilies still showing off their gorgeous blooms!

 The Echinacea plant had just a few flowers....most wilted in the sun quickly after these small shoots opened up.
 A few around my waterfall survived a little better.(below)
 The Tiger Lilies were taller(about 4 feet) around my waterfall, also. Another grouping in my rock garden didn't get above 6 inches and never bloomed.
 Of all my summer flowers, my Balloon Flowers were the happiest.
 One of my Balloon Flowers starting to open up.
 An open Balloon Flower.
 Purple Salvia
 Some of my tomato plants, which also survived the heat, as long as I watered them every day.
Pink Hibiscus Bush....blooming earlier than usual.

I've been really drinking a lot of iced tea lately, since the weather has been so very hot. Looking forward to drinking some hot tea again soon and sharing some new table decor I purchased and am making.  I also hope to be sharing with you a new teapot I bought recently at a second-hand store. Hopefully I'll be feeling better and will have some awesome tablescape photos to share with you very soon.
 Till then, happy teatime. And depending on your location, stay cool! If it's raining where you're at, I hope you'll get to take a little time to do a little reading and relax.

“Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb
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  1. Hello Ann,
    I am sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. I hope you recover your vitality soon : )

    It has been super hot here too, over 100. My plants have given up. Your garden looks like many have survived. I am so glad!

    I love the image of the tea cup on the books! That looks amazing.

  2. Thanks, Terri, for stopping by and leaving your kind words! I think the flowers in many areas have given up. It's a serious situation. The cup on the books is very relaxing looking....I have been doing just that, relaxing and reading lately. But that may change soon, with the possibility of our move looking to be very soon.

  3. Great pics, Ann. Hope you are feeling better now. We are still praying for rain and relief from the heat.


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